Global Mission Outreach through Summit Harvest Church

Three words and a concept are helping shape the starting level of our missions outreach arm. We are very much in formation, but we are very privileged to be so early involved in God’s plan for the nations. Three important words are (remember UPS):

Unreached, Persecuted, and Suffering.

That means this: We will respond much more readily toward areas of the globe where the people are yet unreached with the Gospel or unreached by the absence of a Christian church witness. Also, where persecution and suffering exist, we affirm God has equipped the Western Church with resources to easily help alleviate misery and comfort the faithful. Sacrifice in mercy and acts of compassion need to be a part of our collective heart.

Additionally, as a kind of standing orders priority, we have a principle to honor. Our eye is especially on missionaries whom God has raised up from within our own Lake Country Area. Not just missionaries represented by other churches in our area. But missionaries who actually hail from this area. Of course we have a very special heart for those whom God raises from our own church body. We are already seeing such and are so blessed! God is mighty and awesome.

SHC's Mission Manifesto for missionaries desiring support

Don & Kim Gillaspie