Dick Potts

Dick’s professional career was electrical power engineering involving large electrical rotating machinery — some units as big as 300,000 hp for hydro generation. He appreciated the immense power of these huge machines. But more important, he began to grasp the supreme sovereign power of the One who made the universe per the book of Genesis. As Dick began drawing closer to the Jesus he had intermittently embraced as a child, he realized he lacked a deeper understanding and determined to meaningfully study God’s Scripture.Wanting more knowledge of God’s Truth, Dick and his wife, Ruth, and their family of 3 teenagers left a large denominational church and joined Elmbrook Church. Later, Dick served as a founding elder of Westbrook Church in Delafield and was an administrative elder for 10 years. Then, along with other elders, he began teaching adult Bible classes. Initially, this elder-led teaching was assisted with available material from sources such as Scripture Press. Eventually, the elders primarily focused on Scripture itself with help from trusted commentaries. Their teaching stemmed from a determination to prayerfully exposit the Bible accurately as directed by the Holy Spirit.

Mission outreach was a priority for Dick and Ruth. They traveled to Latvia one summer (one year after Latvia declared independence from Russia). Ruth taught English in a Russian Bible college and Dick led Bible studies in homes. Upon returning home, they served on the originating board of “Christ for Latvia Network,”a Wisconsin corporation assisting a Riga Christian radio station.Dick remains a student of Eschatology. Dick and Ruth have attended Ligonier Bible conferences and Friends of Israel meetings and were active in the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) seminars. They hosted a home Bible Study Fellowship for over 20 years, and Dick continues to attend the group which is still meeting after more than 25 years.

Dick & Ruth PottsDick and Ruth began attending Summit Harvest Church in 2005. In 2009, the three existing elders were called by the congregation and in 2010, they were asked to shepherd and teach from the pulpit.

Dick and Ruth have 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. In June of 2012, Dick’s beloved wife of 54½ years went eternally to Jesus after years of challenged health. Dick is focused on serving God’s people and reaching the lost until the day he joyfully joins his Lord Jesus Christ along with his precious wife.

Sunday Service:
Meeting at the Concord Community Center
W1095 Concord Center Drive,
Sullivan, WI
(In the Town of Concord)

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 224
Johnson Creek, WI 53038