Bud Luebke

I was born and raised in Milwaukee and practiced Catholicism for the first 24 years. I have been blessed to be married to Diana for 50 years. I am the proud father of 3 children and Grandfather of 7. Our oldest son lives in Minneapolis with his wife and children—2 natural and 2 adopted from Liberia in 2011. Our next son, Aaron lives in Rome with his wife and 3 children—1 is adopted. Our daughter, Rachel lives in Delafield. All of these have a committed relationship to Jesus as Lord which I am most grateful for! At UW-Milwaukee, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Conservation and am retired from the City of Wauwatosa Forestry Department after serving as a Certified Arborist for 31 years. Also, I owned and operated a landscaping business out of my home for about 20 of those same years. Since 1975 my family and I have lived in the Lake Country area just west of Genesee Depot. About 2-1/2 years after Diana and I were married I accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord. Catholicism had taught me that Jesus died on the cross but the night I was born again I realized why He had to do that for me personally. That was at the close of 1974 and since then I have approached scripture mostly on the basis of character development and the source of direction for life and conduct.

As a family we eventually attended Elmbrook Church for a while and then Diana and I were on the transition team for developing Westbrook Church. Once the church was officially established I served on the board of elders all but 2 of the 20 years we were there. For 3 of those years, I was chairman of the board. While at Westbrook we lead and taught marriage and parenting classes over the years. Our main focus was always on our passion area which is conflict resolution.

After leaving Westbrook we attended and were members at KMEF Church (now Oakwood Church) and were there 4-5 years. While there we lead a class called, “Biblical Peacemaking” which was a Biblical approach to resolving conflict. During the years at Westbrook and Oakwood, we occasionally counseled with couples experiencing trouble in their marriages in which we again focused on our passion area.